About “Jersey Girl”

As some of you may remember, I used to have Jersey Girl Deli, located in Melbourne then moved to Cocoa Beach. Well, I’m back. And your probably wondering why a Jersey Girl is serving Super Foods. Well, after closing the deli and realizing the foods that I was serving, although very authentic Jersey style food, was making me gain weight, feel tired, and have digestion problems. I gained twenty pounds from the time I opened Jersey Girl till the time I closed. Three years of wonderful, homemade bread, made with high gluten flour. I thought I was in heaven. I loved the roll and all the food I made. It didn’t like me.

So instead of going on a diet and stop eating all the foods I loved, I decided to make the foods I love healthier without changing the delicious taste. Who wants to eat health foods if it doesn’t taste good. I didn’t want to give up the foods, just the calories, the carbs and the gluten.

The more I talked to people and did research, the more I realized the need for a Super Food menu. I have developed a menu that every one, even people on special diets can enjoy.

Now I have a food truck, a menu and a mission. I am on a journey to transform me and my food. You will be able to find me all over Brevard County. Please like us on face book and you will be updated on menus and locations where we will be. ¬†Hopefully you will want to take the journey too. And if you don’t, we have a lot of the classics that made us special, just in a healthier version.