Yo, how you doin?

Welcome to Jersey Girl Super Foods web site. As our tag line says, “Super Fooding the Classics”, means we are committed to transforming those classic “Jersey Comfort Foods” that we all know and love, but which challenge our waist lines and health, into “Super Food” Creations.

We transform those “Classics” into Super Foods by using foods that are nutritious, high in proteins, minerals and vitamins. We strive to  only use the freshest, highest quality foods. Additionally, we have developed our menu to have  GLUTEN FREE options!  While retaining our classic Jersey Girl roots, we are now transforming what was merely delicious into what is truly nutritious and healthy.

The end result is:



Really Good For You

Super Foods



A symphony of old and new… The old familiar comfort foods, now transformed into delicious, new healthy taste sensations, filled with Jersey Attitude that will have you coming back to us for more!

Super Food With Attitude!
Please check out our menus and keep in touch to see where we will be so you can come on by for a taste :-)